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BACK TO TOURNAMENT HOME                 Local Tournament #1              November 3rd, 2007

Type-1 2-Player

1st place: Eric Wolfe
2nd place: Michael Wolfe
3rd place: Luke Wolfe
4th place: Leeza Wolfe
5th place: John Ferraro 
6th place: Noah Hudgins 
7th place: T.J. Wuesthoff 
8th place: Earl Negrete 
9th place: Katya Wolfe 
10th place: Gabe Negrete 
11th place: Lauren Ferraro 
12th place: Mark Ferraro 
13th place: Matt Sahakien 

Booster Draft

1st place: Eric Wolfe
2nd place: Michael Wolfe
3rd place: Leeza Wolfe
4th place: Matt Sahakian
5th place: Katya Wolfe 
6th place: T.J. Wuesthoff 
7th place: Gabe Negrete
8th place: Earl Negrete 
9th place: Luke Wolfe 
10th place: Noah Hudgins

This was the first Tournament that our playgroup had for the new season.

We had some great ultra-rares pulled including: DESTRUCTION OF NEHUSHTAN, TABLE OF SHOWBREAD, THE SABBATH, and HIGH PRIEST PLOT.

For all you who didn't come you missed out on a lot of fun. But fear not we are planning to have another tournament this year. It'll be a District tournament at the end of December with Captured Ark as the promo. It's a powerful curse card that shuffles opponent's artifacts.