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BACK TO TOURNAMENT HOME                 Local Tournament #1              November 5th, 2006

Type-1 2-Player

1st place: Eric Wolfe
2nd place: Noah Negrey and Michael Wolfe (tie)
4th place: Matt Sahakian
5th place: Luke Wolfe
6th place: Katya Wolfe
7th place: Zach N.
8th place: David Warfield
9th place: Chucky Smith
10th place: Robert Geoffroin
11th place: Jonathan Skidanov
12th place: Leeza Wolfe
13th place: John Ferraro
14th place: Noah Hudgins

This was the first Tournament that our playgroup has had since Marcus left for Washington.

We also had some priest ultra-rares pulled that included: KING OF TYRUS, ALTAR OF AHAZ, TRUMPET BLAST, HIGH PRIEST PLOT and FAITH IN OUR HIGH PRIEST.

We would like to give a big thanks to Mark Ferraro for his help at the tournament. He did a great job of tabulating the scoring. This was the first tournament that our playgroup has had with the promo Angel at Shur and the winning promo Harvest time.

For all you who didn't come you missed out on a lot of fun. But fear not we are planning to have another tournament this year with Angel at Shur. We are also planning to have a District tournament in January with Self as the promo. Self is a multi-color evil character.