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BACK TO TOURNAMENT HOME                   District Tournament  #1           January 20th, 2007

Sealed Deck

1st place: David Warfield 
2nd place: Joe Aspinwall

Booster Draft

1st place: Luke Wolfe 
2nd place: Zach N. (tie) 
                     Michael Wolfe (tie) 
4th place: David Warfield
5th place: Leeza Wolfe
6th place: Josh Studley (tie)
             Eric Wolfe (tie)
8th place: Katya Wolfe

Type-1 2-Player

1st place: Eric Wolfe 
2nd place: Zach N. 
3rd place: Michael Wolfe
4th place: Katya Wolfe
5th place: Joshua Studley
6th place: David Warfield
7th place: Jonathan Skidanov
8th place: Joe Aspinwall
9th place: Brian Buchanan
10th place: Justin Buchanan 

Type-1 Multi-Player

1st place: Eric Wolfe 
2nd place: Michael Wolfe 
3rd place: Luke Wolfe 
4th place: Brian Buchanan (tie)
            Zach N. (tie)
6th place: Josh Studley
7th place: Justin Buchanan
8th place: Leeza Wolfe
9th place: Katya Wolfe 

Type-2 2-Player

1st place: Luke Wolfe 
2nd place: Leeza Wolfe 

Type-2 Multi-Player

1st place: Michael Wolfe 
2nd place: Luke Wolfe
3rd place: Eric Wolfe
4th place: Leeza Wolfe
5th place: Katya Wolfe