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BACK TO TOURNAMENT HOME        Southwest Regional Tournament        June 2nd & 3rd, 2006

Booster Draft

1st place: Brandan Abbott
2nd place: Matt Aebersold
3rd place: Bryon Hake

Sealed Deck

1st place: Ben Hogue
2nd place: Brandan Abbott
3rd place: Katya Wolfe

Type-1   2-Player

1st place: Ben Hogue
2nd place: Louis Martinez Jr.
3rd place: Brandan Abbott

Type-1   Multi-Player

1st place: Anant Upreti
2nd place:  Kenny Siew
3rd place: Marvin Huynh

Type-2   2-Player

1st place: Kurt Hake
2nd place: Ron Kramer
3rd place: Scott Kramer

Type-2   Multi-Player

1st place: Michael Leung
2nd place: Kenny Siew & Kurt Hake (tie)