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Redemption Table Simulator

RTS stands for Redemption Table Simulator. It is a computer program that runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system that allows you to play Redemption with another player over the Internet. It provides a virtual gaming "table" on which you play against your opponent. It manages each of your decks, shuffles it, and lets you see the cards that you and your opponent have placed on the table. It has all of the machanics that you need to play an actual game and allows you to send text messages back and forth with your opponent while you're playing. It has a built-in Deck Editor that allows you to create and save multiple decks to use when playing. The game shows you a small graphic of the cards and it shows you the abilities, brigade, card type, special abilities, etc. for any of the cards on the table.

You can download RTS to load on your computer from the following web site:


Redemption Table Simulator Card Update


The most recent version of RTS does not contain any of the information about cards from the Priests expansion set,  the 10th Anniversary (G and H Decks) starter set or the Faith of our Fathers expansion. However, RTS can be modified to know about the new cards.

So...I compiled a set of expansions that added the Priests and the 10th Anniversary starters. Then Gabe Isbell took care of the Faith of our Fathers cards and re-did the pictures for all of the cards.

  It's now been repackaged as an update to the base RTS cards and NOT AS AN RTS EXPANSION.   This means that if you've used my previous Priests and 10th Anniversary expansion set, you'll need to update all of your decks that used the expansion. To do this, run the installation below then go into RTS. Edit each of your decks and remove any card whose name is in bold and replace it with the exact same card from the master card list that doesn't have the card name in bold letters. Once all of your decks are updated. Simply remove the old Priests and 10th Anniversary expansion. You won't need it anymore!

You can download the Card Updates for RTS by following this link:

RTS Card Update Sept. 2007 Installer

Redemption Table Simulator  Star Wars and Matrix Expansion Sets

Eric "Expansion Set" Largent has provided these fun, custom expansion sets. If you haven't seen them, click the links below to download them, then  take a look and enjoy.

Matrix Expansion Zip File

Star Wars Expansion Zip File