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Current Offerings

Here is a list of the product we are currently offering to group members
only. Come to one of our events for prices and availability.

Starter Decks
Gift Sets (Lion and Angel Covers)
10th Anniversary Gift Tins
G & H Starter Decks
Booster Sets
Unlimited Expansion
Prophets Expansion
Apostles Expansion
Patriarchs Expansion
Kings Expansion
Angel Wars Expansion
Priests Expansion
Faith of our Fathers Tins

Product Reviews

Faith of our Fathers Tins


These are the new Faith of our Fathers tins. They're the latest expansion set for the Redemption game. For starters, you get a good looking metal tin that can hold a bunch of Redemption cards. Next, you get one of the 10 sets of common cards that are available in the expansion. These 10 cards have been selected to play well together. Therefore, they can make a great addition to your deck. Finally, you also get five other booster packs - an Unlimited, a Prophets, a Kings, an Apostles and a Priests. So you get 56 cards and a deck box for a price of $12. 

We're going to use these tins as the basis for our Booster Draft events at tournaments. This means that each person will open their tin and then keep the 10 Faith of our Fathers cards. The 10 cards they keep will form the basis of their deck. The 10 cards will be one good brigade and one evil brigade. Usually you'll get 5 good cards and 5 evil cards, but some tins have an artifact, fortress or site thrown in.

The tins are numbered with Roman numerals from one to ten. Here are the brigades that you get in each tin:

I   -   Red / Evil Gold        
II   -  Good Gold / Orange
III  -  Green / Crimson      
IV  -  Blue / Brown             
V  -  Purple / Crimson    
VI  -  White / Black            
VII  -  Silver / Pale Green  
VIII  -  Teal / Orange           
IX  -  Red / Gray               
X  -  Blue / Gray             

Many people have claimed that some of the cards in the set are overpowered, but I think they make a great addition to the game. You'll need some of these cards in your deck. 

~Michael Wolfe

10th Anniversary Starter Tins (G & H)


Here's the deal.  Anyone that plays Redemption needs to purchase this Starter Tin.  It is by far the best value for your money, where $15 gets you the best starter decks to date, an awesome collector tin perfect for decks, and 6 random rare or ultra rare cards from the Apostles, Patriarchs, or Kings set. If I were you I would buy 2 or 3.

I played one game with the starters when we got them, and I really enjoyed the game even though we were playing sterter to starter.  There was some advanced strategy built in to the decks, which was very enjoyable, but definitly room for improvement, hence the point of a Starter Deck. 

I particularly liked the blend of updated cards from the past, including the old school Son of God and Angel of the Lord cards.  There were also plenty of new cards to go around.  The bottom line is this is a must for any collector.  The new starter decks are great, but the real treat here is the collector tins and the random rares.