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So, here we are in November 2006, the Redmeption Southern California Players Guild, located in beautiful Newbury Park, California. I've taken over running the Redemption playgroup from Marcus McDaniel, who was the Youth Pastor at the Evangelical Free Church of the Conejo Valley and who started the group. Marcus left in September to follow God's leading and move back to Washington State where he was originally from. The youth group here has really missed Marcus, many of our Redemption players were a part of Marcus' ministry.

Marcus was assisted with the group by Matt Aebersold, a long time friend of Marcus' and a budding graphic design artist. Much of the look and feel of our website and a lot of its content were created by Matt.

My goal is to continue what Matt and Marcus started and to increase the participation in our group beyond just the youth in our church but to other youth in our community as well, whether they go to church or not. Our last two meetings have had 15 to 20 people show up, so we're off to a good start.

This website is intended to be the main place that people can come to find out the what, where, when, why and how for everything Redemption Southern California. I'm guessing that I'll be getting more and more help in this as my children keep getting better and better on the computer. Thanks to Eric, Luke, Leeza and Katya in advance for their interest in Redemption and their help with this site.

Thanks. Mike Wolfe

Here's a map to use to find us so you can play Redemption:

Map for the Evangelical Free Church of the Conejo Valley

Now here's Matt's description of the earlier history.....
The Master (Marcus McDaniel)
The Apprentice (Matthew Aebersold)

So here I am, pondering the past. Marcus and I started collecting Redemption early on. I think it was about a year after the game's debut. We started collecting seperately from each other, and soon found the game to be a common interest that we both shared. Marcus soon started a Redemption Players Group at Alderwood Manor Community Church in Lynwood, WA, where he was the junior high pastor. I was one of his students at the time, so I got involved in his Saturday morning Redemption games. It was a very successful ministry in Lynnwood, but the group started to fall apart soon after the Warriors set was released. We both then quit collecting and playing...

Fast forward about 6 years, and we both find ourselves living together in Newbury Park, CA. We read in a magazine one day an article about Redemption and how the game was experiencing it's best years in terms of players and popularity. We thought about the idea of ressurecting the players group down here. So on November 19th we took a chance and taught some junior high students how to play the game. So far the group has been going for a month and it is a HUGE success! There are 15-20 regular players and interest is growing by the week! We'll just have to see where it goes from here, but so far we have a solid Redemption Southern California Players Guild!

Thanks! Matt Aebersold,